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Mar 7

World of Warcraft: Really I Didn’t Need Another One, This Was SO Not Planned

So I already have two devilsaurs in the bank pet stable. The black one with blue stripes (which is happily easy to get), and the white one, because it was just walking along, and I just happened to be there, and so why not?

It was not in my plan to get another one, and I hadn’t really looked at the new models. Because we were standing near these black and gold ones (while getting the book drop) I considered them, but then decided nah, triceratops were the dino of choice.

Then while getting ready to tame a triceratops I backed up just a little too far. And had my first look at the blue devilsaur I’d just aggro’d. Ok yes, that one I wanted. I even got the one that tried to nibble me to death, since it made itself available. (It is SO handy to have a priest along. Did I mention this was a level 90 elite?)

Then afterwards I had to go check out the colors of blue against various backgrounds, and various lighting. Because screenshots are very important.

In the lower left is the non combat pet - I think that’s the Anklerender, but they all look very similar so it’s hard to tell.